How To Reduce Comment Spam


Fact: The more popular you’re blog becomes, the more spam comments you will get.

Fact: There is no 100% method of completely getting rid of spam.

So what are you supposed to do?

If you are an Internet Marketing Newbie.

Then you will be probably unaware of the dangers of email and comment spam…

…and how both of these menaces can effect your business.

In this article.

You will learn what blog comment spam is, and how it differs from email spam. I will also give you my opinion on what is the best solution to managing both.

 1. Web Spam/Email Spam What’s The Difference?

Whenever you get an Email from a spammer. It will nearly always contain a message urging you to buy a product or service.

The ad in question, is aimed at you specifically and no one else.

Comment/web spammers on the other hand. Are targeting your readers to buy their product. You (the blogger, author, moderator) are not the target.

2. Web Spammers Are Like Magicians.

Email spammers are very bold and brash in their nature. They purposely write messages to get your attention. Comment spammers are the exact opposite.

Their mission is to make you believe they are real bloggers, so you’ll approve the comment and publish it on your site.

Flattery is one of their biggest weapons, appealing to your better side; any sneaky tactic will do, in order to convince you to give them the benefit of the doubt.

3. Web Spammers are Advertising For Free…

..and they’re keeping all of the profits. Contacting you to ask for permission first, is the last thing on their minds. It is absolutely frightening to think that somebody right now.

Could be offering to sell links from your blog to anyone willing to pay a few dollars (or a few cents). With you being none the wiser.

4.  Backlinks For Sale Anyone?

I often use  Attracta to check that my blog is not linking to any websites that in Attracta own words, follow “Deceptive Business Practices”

And according to them, this site is web spam free from an out bound linking point of view.

Why is this so important?

Well it’s because Google have been known to blacklist websites that are not playing by their rules. You have to remember that.

Spammers like selling links from your blog to their clients.

Because they earn lots of Wonga by re-directing your readers into visiting dubious web sites.

Most of the time these sites are relatively harmless, apart from the porn and fake pills advertisements. However, there is always a chance that.

You might end up being the unlucky one. Who is sent to a so called innocent looking web page, intended to disguise the fact that it is really advertising something far more sinister.

5. Human Spammers…

..Are being regularly recruited by dodgy website owners. Who pay them a pittance to do their dirty work. These human spammers are usually found in countries where the wages are very low. Compared to what you could earn if you resided in the UK or US.

People who work in Internet Cafes or sweat shop factories, are the most likely to be exploited. Occasionally a few less than honest viral marketers are roped in too.

Whatever way you want to look at it, all of these scumbag’s webmasters are after the same thing, which is to exploit your blog for their profit and they hope to do it without you noticing.

So What’s The Solution?

For stopping email spam, you can use any number of different services like Spam ArrestSpam Assassin or Spam Fighter Pro.

I have had Spam Assassin installed on one of my email addresses on Hostgator. Since I started this blog, and that address has had less than 1% spam in 3 years.

For stopping comment spam on your blog you want a service that offers the following features

  •  Tells the user that their comment has not been accepted
  •  Tells the user the minimum amount of words required before their comment is accepted
  •  Tells the user the minimum amount of time they have to stay on a page before commenting
  • Tells the user when they have put too many URLs in their comment’s

You will also need a way of rewarding the people who leave good comments on your blog.

There is only one service that I know about.

Which can offer you all of this, and much much more  Comment Love Premium

Do you agree with me or not? Tell me by leaving a comment below.




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