How To Start You’re First Email Newsletter


One of the biggest problems you face when starting up you’re own newsletter is, not knowing what you want to write.

It is very easy to suffer from “writers block” once the realization hits you that you’re about to embark on the journey of teaching others how to become successful.

Writing my own content was also a BIG problem for me in the beginning, but I eventually overcame my fear by doing what I’m about to show you now.

In Affiliate Marketing, you are constantly bombarded with a lot of information especially if you’ve signed up to a lot of news-letters like myself.

To get my news-letter started all I did was to use the information sent to me by the other top Online Affiliate Marketers.

In other words, I copied a short eCourse that I had signed up for about “Building Your List and pasted the contents of that eCourse into my favourite Auto-Responder Service. “Before you ask”

I did make sure that the eCourse was not Copy-Write protected because I hate plagiarism just as much as you,

After copying and pasting the List Building eCourse into the Auto-Responder, all I had to do was select how many days apart that I wanted each part of the eCourse to be sent to my subscribers and that was it.

By setting up my Auto-Responder messages in this way, it allowed me the time to build up my own confidence and quickly led to me writing my own content for my news-letter.

You can find good FREE content all over the Internet. No matter what you’re website is about you can bet that somebody has written an eCourse or ebook about it.

You can easily turn the contents of that eCourse or ebook (PROVIDING THAT THEY ARE NOT COPY WRITE PROTECTED) into you’re first newsletter.

Let me just say, once again that I am not telling you to go out and copy content word for word from every web-master that you see online, because clearly that would be WRONG!

All that I am saying to you is, “just think outside the box a little bit” and you can get you’re own news-letter started a lot sooner than you think.

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