How To Get More People To See Your YouTube Video’s


Video Marketing on YouTube, is not as easy as some would like you to believe.

There are many so called experts.

Who keep on beating the drum telling you how easy it is to make a video

But what they don’t tell you is.

Just how hard it is to get people to first watch your videos.

And then.

Share them with their friends.

I will freely admit to you.

That I am no where near being a YouTube video marketing guru.

All of what you are about to read is, based upon my own personal experience of making and uploading over 50 videos to my YouTube Channel. So to get the show on the road lets begin with…

Keyword Descriptions

YouTube has the second largest search engine in the world and it is owned by Google. So it really was no surprise to me.

That their search engine worked in more or less the same way as Google’s.

To get the best results from the YouTube search engine.

You have to put the main keywords that you want your video to ranked for in the title and then the description field.

I have been doing this with all of my videos and it definitely works.

There are also 2 additional features on YouTube, that you may not be aware of. That will get more people to see your videos.

These features (until recently) had been working for me like gang busters.

But all of that has changed now, and you will find why

later on in the article.

How To Get More YouTube Traffic

The Dynamic Article Writing video series, have helped me get more traffic from YouTube’s related and suggested  feature.

You may have noticed that when you watch a video on YouTube, a list of  suggested videos always appear on the right hand side of the viewing screen.

And also, once you have finished watching a video.

You are automatically presented with a number of  videos, that are remarkably similar to the one that you have just watched.

That is the YouTube algorithm working in all its glory, and the best way of getting it to work in your favor is to simply make lots of videos on the same subject

In my case, I made the Dynamic Article Writing Course.

As a series of videos all centered around one  topic, with the same title on each video and only slight variations in the description.

When I made those videos, I had no idea what the suggested and related features on YouTube were or what they did.

My videos benefited from them purely by luck and nothing else.

Unfortunately for me now, that is no longer the case because of the constant algorithms changes YouTube have made.

These features no longer work for me as well as they use too.

However, there has been a shaft of light at the end of the tunnel.

Because I am getting  more traffic from mobile devices and from people who have embedded my video code directly on to their websites.

 Call To Action

Usually the first thing that I write into my video description field is my domain name. There are 3 reasons why I do this.

  • 1) My domain name gives people some idea what my blog is about .
  • 2)My domain encourages people to click on the link for more information.
  • 3) I want my domain to be the first thing that people see .

It is nearly always best to have a domain that explains what your website is about, If people can’t see a reason to visit your site, then they won’t.

Having a descriptive domain, helps increase your (CTR)  and it might increase your website ranking in Google.

You are allowed approximately 5000 characters in the description field, but only the first sentence is permanently displayed,  if people want to see more then they have to click on the show more link.

That is why I recommend that you put your most wanted call to action phrases in the first couple of sentences.

It’s also a good idea to sprinkle as much primary and secondary keyword phrases into your descriptions as you can.

This helps your videos rank higher in YouTube search, and it will eventually lead to more traffic to your blog.

What tactics are you using to get more traffic to your YouTube videos?

Tell me by leaving a comment below.




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