How To Get Started In Video Marketing


If you have had your own online business for any length of time. You will quickly soon realize, that you need a effective marketing strategy to get visitors to your website.

Video marketing, if done correctly. Will give you a steady stream of loyal customers hopefully ready to buy your product or service.

Using video as a means of getting your message across to possible clients is one of the best methods of marketing you can use because…

Video has many advantages over using written text.

One of them being, is the fact that people generally prefer watching videos than reading text. You can also speak faster than you can write. Which is a great time saver especially if you don’t enjoy writing.

To be able to achieve the best possible results from web video marketing. There are certain guidelines that you need to follow. I have listed the main points below.

1)Decide what your video or videos series is going to be about.

2)write a outline of key points that you want to make in each video.

3)Make sure that you keep all of your video’s under 10 minutes in length.

4)Make sure that you have a well keyword researched title for all of your videos.

5)Make sure that you have, and use the right keyword tags in all of your videos.

6)Upload and share your videos in as many websites as your time allows.

In my experience, it is nearly always better to make a video series about your topic, rather than try and shoot a single video worthy of an Oscar nomination.

One video gives you only one bite of the cherry, whereas a video series will keep visitors coming back multiple times.

One of the first video series that I made was the

 Dynamic Article Writing Tips.

Which was, believe it or not. Only meant to be no more than 5 videos, and not the 14 that it is at this moment in time.

That is one of the major things that I have learned in making videos. You always can say more than you originally thought.

After you make a couple of videos in a series, its like, you get verbal diarrhoea and just can’t stop talking. Which is what happened to me, and still happens today.

Does Video Automation Really Work?

Make no mistake, video marketing is very time consuming. Which is why you see so many Affiliate Marketers offering products…

and services promising to make the process quicker and easier.

Having downloaded and purchased quite a few of these time saving software and services myself. I can honestly say that very few of them saved me any time.

“I have yet to see a bit of software, or website. That can format text and tag correctly across multiply video and article directory websites.”

Doing these two important tasks are what will take up most of your time when you start making your own videos, and writing your own articles.

Most of the popular video sharing web sites hate remote automatic submission software.

One of the ways that they protect themselves from this, is by allowing partial automatic submission only.

Which means that if you want to make sure that your video or article is displayed correctly. You will have to visit the website yourself.

One of the more popular rumors online, that you may have heard, is that you have to distribute your videos to hundreds of video sharing websites before you get any real traffic.

Or maybe, you’ve heard that all you have to do is upload your video to YouTube, and then wait for millions of hits to your site.

Both of these rumors are about 30% true at best.

How popular your video becomes is more luck than anything else. Just take a look at the top ten most viewed videos on…

Grasp,Viddler, or of course YouTube.

“I will bet you any amount of money that you want that, none of the participants of those videos had any idea that they would become so popular.”

Which is a very good reason for you to only make videos about subjects that you know something and, are passionate  about.

Remember you want targeted customers to see all of your videos, quality over quantity.

Ideally you want both, but I will take ten targeted visitors a day to my website over 10,000 untargeted any day of the week.

You will get mixed results from you’re video marketing but, it is something that must be implemented into your online business plans as quickly as possible.

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