What Makes A Great Free Gift?


Building your list is (without a shadow of  doubt) the most important part of Affiliate Marketing. Giving away a free gift.

Of a perceived high value, is one of the best methods of gaining a large list of subscribers relatively quickly.

This is assuming of course, that your website already has a lot of traffic coming to it. If this is not the case.

Then you will just have to be content with building your list slowly and steadily for the time being.

“That is all I’m going to say on “LIST BUILDING” in this particular article because.”

I really want to focus on, what type of free gift is best for you. To give to your customers.

If your website is about Affiliate Marketing. Or anything to do with Online Marketing in general. You will probably already know.

That there are plenty of FREE gifts online. Readily available for you to use. To encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter.

“Believe it or not.” having so many free gifts to choose from. To use as a give-away. Can become quite problematic at times.

You have to be aware of.  The needs of your customers. This means creating or picking a product that will genuinely help them.

In my particular case. I have chosen 2 email eCourses, as my free gifts. To build my list with.

As you can clearly see.

The way in which I promote these 2 eCourses. Are not the same. I purposely do not mention the fact that.

You are signing up to my Affiliate Extravaganza eCourse at the bottom of this page.

What you see instead is a free ebook called…

 The Secrets Of The Top Affiliate Marketers.

My reason for doing this is because I want the ebook to be the attention grabber.

This is not something that I have personally tested myself.

But in my opinion. I believe that you will build your list quicker. If you use a ebook rather than a eCourse.

Using a ebook as a free gift. For some reason. Makes you sound more like an expert. Especially if you have written the book yourself.

Another interesting point about my free gift, is that it was written in 2002, by a woman. Who goes by the name of Liza Frenzel.

“Why am I promoting a ebook that is so way out of date, I hear you ask?”

Relevancy is my answer.

Sure some of the links,  mentioned within the ebook. Are no longer working.

But the tips in the interviews given by the then, and now top Affiliate Marketers online. Are still relevant today.

What I really like about this ebook. Is that it answers most of the important questions. Regarding what you must do,to become successful in Affiliate Marketing.

Apart from giving away this ebook.

I also give a lot of free and useful information in my newsletter. Which makes people who sign up for it. Stay subscribed for a longer period of time.

As I have already said. Giving away  a free ebook. That you have written yourself. Will enable you to build your list very quickly.

But it is the quality of your content in you’re newsletter, and on your website. Which will ultimately make the sale.

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