Why FaceBook is bad for business


If you are a serious social media addict. Then I’m pretty sure that you don’t need me to tell you how popular FaceBook is.

I have had my FaceBook account for a number of years now, and I can honestly say that I hardly ever use it.

In my opinion. Facebook is a great tool for keeping in touch with close friends and family, and for playing the odd online game or two.

But it is not so great for doing business.

Mark Zuckerberg, who is the Dude that started FaceBook.

Original vision, was to use it as a way for his posh mates at Harvard to connect with one and other.

He never realized its full marketing potential in the beginning. But now that he has.

All of his 500 million and rising. Followers on FaceBook are slowly starting to suffer.

My problem with facebook is that. It is a website designed by computer nerds and geeks.

So it is far from being business friendly. Or in my case Affiliate Marketing friendly.

I constantly get emails by other marketers, who are forever singing Facebook praises.

Telling me how easy it is to build a list of thousands of people via my Fan page. I got burned by one of these marketers in Dec 2010.

I purchased his so called easy Fan page script. (Which was anything but by the way.) and by the time  I got half way around to understanding how it all worked.

FaceBook had already made the script useless. By getting rid of their FBML app in March 2011.

Another feature of FaceBook that I’m not to keen on is its add a friend button.

What really gets my back up about this is.

That FaceBook keeps on recommending friends to me.

And when I try adding them. I get a warning, telling me that if I don’t know these people. I will be committing  spam.

In my early days of using social networking sites for business. I use to have my blog set up in such a way.

That all of my blog post would automatically show up on Twitter first, and then on my FaceBook page.

This worked like a charm for me. Until I decided to jump with both feet straight on to the FaceBook band wagon.

And changed my social networking activities accordingly.

One of the first things that I did, was to put Facebook ahead of Twitter whenever my blog had new content posted.

And What a disaster that has turned out to be because.

FaceBook has not been updating any of my recent blog post on Twitter.

In fact, even when I try to post content from other websites like Amplify.

It does not show up on FaceBook.

And if that problem wasn’t enough of a headache. I still can’t get my Fan page to work properly because of FaceBook’s crappy activation code system.

That I must have tried  at least 30+ times or more.

Usually when you put in an incorrect code, and try to login on 98% of other websites. You are immedietly given a new activation code.

But of course, on FaceBook they do things a little differently.

For some strange reason. They seem to think that it is better to send you the same code for weeks on end.

“Oh sorry, did I forget to mention that they insist on sending their activation code to your mobile phone?”

They really should learn from Google in this instance, and ask for your land line number instead. Or at least as an alternative.

One of the few things that they have got right. At this moment in time, (speaking in pure business terms) is. Their pay per click advertising service.

However, this does not make up for FaceBook’s virtually non existent customer service, and from my point of view. A poor user experience.

Facebook seems to care less and less about the people who has stuck with them from the beginning.

All they are interested in is finding new ways to monetize their website.

I have no problem with this. After all I am an Affiliate Marketer. So I kind of understand why they are following this strategy.

But what they need to realize is…

… that they must start working with the real business people online, who use and endorse their website regularly Instead of fighting against them.

Have you had problems using FaceBook in you business?

Please tell me about them, by leaving your comments below.


4 Responses to “Why FaceBook is bad for business”

  1. Renaud Gagne says:

    I got to say that I don’t agree with your post. A real business has an advertising budget and use facebook fanpages to follow up, engage and promote offers to their fans.

    I do marketing for a local cabin rental company and we are rocking it with facebook…especially now that our ads can show up in the newsfeed!

    We are getting bookings for way cheaper than with Google Adwords.

  2. Haney says:

    Not sure if I'm the only one experiencing the problem, but there are no texts in my FB profile badge. Only images.

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