Why Search Engine Traffic is Crap!


If you have just started your first blog or website. Then you probably would have read. Or maybe someone has whispered in your ear. About how important it is, to get free organic traffic.

From all of the major search engines. Such as…

Google, yahoo, and Bing.

While the above statement is true, for the most part.

I have to tell you that getting search engine traffic is a major pain in the ass.

At the time of me writing this article. My search engine traffic is my lowest form of traffic. In terms of holding visitors attention. According to Google Analytics stats.

I am by no means a SEO novice.

So I can make a fairly well educated guess, why this is happening.

First, Affiliate Marketing is a very competitive niche. So getting ranked for the top keywords. Will be extremely difficult.

Second, The best keywords usually go to the web sites. That have been around the longest, and have good authority with Google.

Third, Getting good search engine traffic takes a long time.

Fourth. There are some Affiliate Marketers. Who are using Black Hat techniques. To keep their page ranking in google.

“So you can see why. I say search engine traffic is crap!”

What you need to do.

Especially if you are just starting your first blog or web site, is to focus on. Direct and Referred Traffic.

It will take you quite some time, to see any significant results. From either of these traffic sources.


They are largely dependant on the brand image of your web site.

“Or to put it bluntly” You need visitors to like your web site first.

You will get virtually no direct or referred traffic. if your site is just basically, one big sales pitch. About a dodgy product or service.

You will also get minimal search engine traffic.

Which means that you have managed to kill your online business. Before it has even started.

How can you stop this disaster from happening to you?

It’s simple really.

Just write or have quality content on all of your web pages.

To get Direct traffic. You need visitors to book-mark your content.

By doing this, they have given you a sign that your written content is good.

Once this happens, you will start to get the same visitors coming back. To see if you have any new content for them to read.

Having got them gripped.

By the sheer quality of content on your site. You will eventually start to get  refferal traffic from a lot of other web sites.

If you are lucky. Both of the above situations.

Might happen at the same time. But the end result is that you will get loyal long term customers, and more sales.

“Which I’m sure you won’t be complaining about.”

As for search engine traffic.

“Lets just say that I was being a little economical with the truth.” when I said it was crap. In fact, it is the cherry on top of a very big cake.

Search engine traffic is the gift.  That just keeps on giving. So long as you feed it with original quality content.

9 Responses to “Why Search Engine Traffic is Crap!”

  1. Web traffic is really important in a website in order to increase its site ranking in google search engine.
    Websites owners want to generate web traffic in order to increase their web presence.Content is King of course
    and it had better be quality to if you want your readers to come back to your website or blog.
    Thanks for sharing today

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Paul,

    You know this post fits what I just I been thinking for the last months. I have been in this business for 6 long years and after chasing traffic from search engine I just realized it is indeed a waste of time. I mean, everybody just goes crazy because google said this and google did that.

    I think everyone is forgetting the nature of the internet. It is about interlinking, making something amazing and getting popular in the instant.

    For example, the infamous backlinks. Now everybody is formating links in one way because google said so, everybody wants to get a certain quantity per links per day because if they get more google is going to slap them. Every body is auditing their ingoing links because google has penalized them…But who cares?? A link on worth if it brings traffic to you..

    If you can get 100000 links per day and get 1000 visitors from those links then you are a winner. And if people likes what you talk about they will start talking to you, suggesting you on facebook, linking on their own blogs and rest assure you will get traffic from those links.

    From the last few months my strategy has been getting links to get traffic not rankings. And google can’t do anything about it.

  3. HI Paul Great article here! I do agree with a few points you have made here today, it is going to be hard to rank you site if yo are not willing to out in any work. Content is King of course and it had better be quality to if you want your readers to come back I also agree with Renata’s comment above about building Back links, this is pretty darn important. Of course there are more ways to do this besides just articles, For instance commenting.. I love to check out others blogs I learn a lot and I can also take note of what people are doing that I am not.. Well Paul Thanks for sharing today.. Chery 🙂

  4. Web traffic is really important in a website in order to increase its site ranking in search engine. And websites want to generate web traffic in order to increase their web presence.

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