Does The Page Load Time Of Your Blog Really Matter?


It has been a long held belief  by most Bloggers and Internet Marketers.

That your page load time speed plays a big part in how your website will rank in Google’s search engine results.

To tell you the truth.

I don’t know if they’re  right or wrong on this issue.

But I can tell you that unless you are a major website geek.

You are going to find the task of speeding up you’re page load times.

Some what of a challenge to say the least.

I have had this blog since 2009 and I am still practically clueless.

Reading other blogs on this topic, hasn’t helped me much either. If anything , It has left me feeling even more confused.

WP Super Cache which is one of the most popular Word-Press plug-ins to date.

Recommends that you do about half a dozen different things to speed up your page load times.

And if, like me.

You have installed  WP Super Cache  yourself, then I’m willing to bet that their recommendations went completely over your head.

Trying to configure WP Super Cache properly can be a bitch. especially for a newbie blogger.

I only configured it properly (I Hope)  a few days before writing this post. After years of being afraid of even trying.


So How Do You Really Speed Up Your Page Load Time?


Well…You can make your blog as plain and boring as possible. Which means no graphics, no plugins,and no fancy website designs.

Doing all of this will make all your web pages load very fast.

But unfortunately for you

You will also have a blog that practically no one will ever want to visit .


Because websites are not meant  to work that way.

You need graphics and fancy designs in order to grab the attention of the people. Who might want to buy something from you.

As for plug-ins, we all need a few of them to make the running of our blogs easier to manage.

But do you know what the really  funny thing is?

None of what I have just told you matters. Because as far as  Alexa is concerned, virtually everybody’s web page loads slowly.

Take this blog for example, At this moment in time 82% of sites load faster than mine according to Alexa.


You can read their explanation for this here.


It is fairly common knowledge  that Alexa  results are based mainly on the amount of people who have downloaded their toolbar.

And therefore, are far from being 100% accurate.

But despite this fact.

You would think that Alexa would be able to pass their own page load test with flying colours.

Well guess what, they don’t.

I can reveal to you that their website only measured as average with 52% of websites being faster.

And just out of interest. I also used their page load test on some other blogs that I follow.

Here are the results.


Buzz = Average 56% of sites are faster

Social = Slow 73% of sites are faster

Think = Slow 74% of sites are faster

Seo Moz.Org= Slow 67% of sites are faster

Copy = Average 57% of sites are faster


And remember…that the sites listed above are not just your regular run of the mill blogs.

All of them are rated comfortably inside of  the Alexa top one hundred thousand list, and all of them have an overall Google Page Rank of 4 or more.

You will also probably be not too surprised to know that, I have only found 2 websites so far, that passed the Alex page load test. The Boston Globe and DIY Themes.

My Respect goes out to them. But what about you, and your really slow loading web pages.


What are you going to do?


Refusing to use graphics or plugins on your site is not an option, as I explained to you earlier.

So my suggestion is to use another reputable service for testing your page load time speed, and ignore Alexa completely.

I used Pingdom for this, and the results that I got from them were almost the total opposite to you know who.

But before I go. Consider this.

Someone using a brand new PC, Laptop, iPad, or mobile will in most cases. See your site load very fast.

And if your computer is more than 3 years old.

Then some of the websites that you like to visit frequently,  will appear to load very slowly.

So my question to you is.


Does the page load time of any given website really matter?

Tell me by leaving a comment below.



















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4 Responses to “Does The Page Load Time Of Your Blog Really Matter?”

  1. Sandra says:

    For me it matters.I agree with you that graphics are essential for attraction and that they should not be a problem. A lot of readers or let say consumers want to have their most visited sites load faster. I myself, would not want to wait for a page that loads really slow.

  2. Kristine says:

    Based on the title, yes. If your blog loads really slow, the reader would definitely reconsider and read something else instead.

  3. D. Dixon says:

    I think it matters if you’re consumers have to wait more than 10 sec for a page to load. Then again, we’ve become a world of instant gratification where if it take 2 seconds, it’s too long. So, I’m with you, take it with a grain of salt, optimize your images and make sure your plugins aren’t problematic. Nice post, Paul

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